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April 16, 2013 - brutasse

Hello there! Welcome to the FeedHQ blog. Starting today, you'll see feature announcements, product updates and various news about FeedHQ, the hosted service and the open-source project.

Blog posts will be linked on the Twitter account, @FeedHQ. There is also a feed which you can subscribe to using your favorite feed reader.

Let's start with a recently-added feature: Subtome support.

Subtome is the universal "Subscribe" button. It's a small button that you install in your bookmarks toolbar or as a browser extension. Whenever you find an interesting blog or news site, click it and it'll detect all the feeds available and send you to the feed reader of your choice.

To get started with Subtome, follow the instructions under the "Subscribe button" section on your account settings. Subtome is completely open, doesn't require registration and only stores data on your browser's localStorage.