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Autumn cleanup

Nov. 1, 2013 - brutasse

Today I'd like to show a couple of improvements to various FeedHQ aspects.

Data retention

Since the beginning, FeedHQ didn't have any policy for expiring old data: once an article is stored in the system, it stays forever. While this approach is bearable for a small user base, it becomes simply unsustainable over time: the revenue stream for a given user is steady while the storage costs for his data keeps increasing.

This is changing starting today: new accounts are created with a data retention policy of 1 year. Older entries aren't kept in the system. Existing accounts are not enrolled to this policy automatically, however this can be done manually in your account settings. Just set any number of days between 2 and 365 and old data is purged on a daily basis.

This feature is especially important for high-volume users since having large amounts of data makes the interface slower. Now users can set their own cursor.

More media types

Until then the FeedHQ interface didn't allow displaying media elements other than images (with even blocking images by default). Starting now, more elements are allowed: video, object, iframe objects are now displayed among others. With modern browsers some media data can trigger warnings or even be blocked by the browser itself so we'll be trying to continually improve media handling. If you have particular feedback, feel free to let us know!

Mobile-first, fluid layout

This feature was deployed about 10 days ago (along with the gray header and footer) but we haven't really announced it. Previously the mobile web interface was a fixed-width interface, optimized mostly for iPhone sizes (landscape and portrait). These days mobile devices vary a lot in sizes and the layout has been updated to be fluid for small resolutions, allowing an optimized interface for much more device sizes. Furthermore, the layout is mobile-first. What does this mean? Head over here for a detailed explanation. In a nutshell, this brings a better mobile experience without having to sacrifice desktop experience.