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Search, stars, and authentication

July 2, 2014 - brutasse

Today I'm very happy to release a long-awaited feature: search!

The refreshed top bar now shows a nice search box that makes it much easier to find that interesting article from two weeks ago that was lost in your pile of subscriptions…

Search bar

The search box is currently only available on large screens (more than 768px). I'll be added to mobile views as well in the near future.

This improved top bar also allows you to navigate starred items the same way as unread items. Instead of a flat list, you can now browse starred items by category, feed, and even search among them.

Lastly for this batch of improvements, feeds that require authentication are now supported. Simply specify the username and password in the URL when adding your feeds, like this: Note that credentials are not encrypted on the FeedHQ database, so be careful with that feature :).