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Supporting the Google Reader API

April 24, 2013 - brutasse

We're delighted to announce beta support for the Google Reader API on We've been implementing the same API as Google Reader to allow existing Google Reader apps and clients to smoothly transition to other services following the Google Reader shutdown.

I was using a great Google Reader application, how do I get it to work with FeedHQ?

If you'd like your favorite Google Reader client to support FeedHQ, try to get in touch with the developers. Point them to this blog post and see if they're interested!

I'm a developer of a Google Reader client, how do I add FeedHQ support?


  1. Sign up for a FeedHQ account.
  2. Get in touch with us in the 30 days following your account creation to avoid paying for a subscription.
  3. Update your app to support FeedHQ. You only need to change the root URL from to (there is no www in the hostname). Note that HTTPS is mandatory, plain HTTP is not supported.

The API is available at… and behaves the same as…. If some calls don't work properly, please get in touch so that we can fix our implementation! Several existing Google Reader clients have alpha-tested the API and are known to be working just fine with the FeedHQ API but we might have missed some details.

As for authentication, you need to use Google's ClientLogin method. The URL is Again, only the hostname differs from Google Reader.

Keep in mind that since FeedHQ is open-source, other instances may be running under different hostnames in the wild. Ideally, the API root should be customizable by your users, just like the Email and Passwd fields, maybe with some presets for common services.

We'll be completely documenting our API in the next couple of days.

The Open Reader API

An interesting initiative has emerged: the Open Reader API. While implementing the Google Reader API is a very good solution for transitioning existing applications in the short term, it is becoming clear that APIs for feed syncing and reading need to be standardized. This would avoid duplicating work for both server and client developers. FeedHQ fully supports the Open Reader API initiative. We'll do our best to support the standard which will emerge because we think it's best for the end users. Stay tuned for news from the API front :)