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Interface improvements

June 10, 2013 - brutasse

Over the past few days some small but nice interface improvements have been made:

New share buttons

The twitter and Google+ used to be standard buttons embedded using javascript widgets. This was sub-optimal for a couple of reasons:

  • They cause a lot of extra HTTP requests, increasing page load time
  • They track your activity on sites which embed them

Instead we implemented an approach described by Yann Esposito that avoids loading external scripts and prevents services from tracking your activity. Sharing is now done via standard interface icons. Thanks, Yann!

Don't forget that you can configure which services to enable on your sharing preferences

Globally allowing external media

FeedHQ blocks external media, including images, videos and audio content and allows fine-grained white-listing of feeds for which to allow external media. While this can be useful to people concerned about privacy and security, this didn't make everyone happy. There is now a global option for allowing external media on all content.

"Undo" action on marking entries as read

Previously when marking a list of articles as read there was a popup asking for confirmation. Now instead of asking for a confirmation action FeedHQ just carries on and displays an "undo" button on the next page. This reduces the number of actions needed to use the site while still preventing accidental destructive actions.

Enjoy, and please get in touch if you have ideas and suggestions.