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Fonts, new pagination

Sept. 3, 2013 - brutasse

Today we're happy to announce some FeedHQ improvements, made possible by the open-source nature of FeedHQ: they've been implemented by Jannis Leidel, a developer who uses FeedHQ and took some time to hack on it for his own needs and contribute his work. Thank you, Jannis!

Endless pages

Long lists of entries can be browsed with traditional pagination, each page displaying 50 entries or so. But very often when browsing pages you just want to see what's next. There is now an alternative to standard pagination called "endless pages": instead of pagination you can just load more entries on the current page by clicking a button at the end of the list of entries. This makes navigation much easier especially on mobile. Endless pages are enabled by default for new accounts and can be activated in your account settings. Keyboard shortcuts fans, hit the L key to load more content.

Mark page as read

This brings us to marking as read: when going through a list of entries you might find nothing to read on the whole page. Now there are separate actions for marking all content as read and marking a single page as read. Keyboard shortcuts have been updated and Shift+A marks the page as read whereas Ctrl+Shift+A marks everything as read.

Custom fonts

Not everyone likes serif fonts such as the default one FeedHQ uses. There is now on your account settings page a whole list of Serif and Sans-Serif fonts to choose from.

External fonts are provided by Google Web Fonts. They may increase page load time slightly, especially on mobile devices, but it's still very fast. And pretty.

Thanks again to Jannis for these improvements!