FeedHQ is a feed reader built with readability and mobility in mind

You'll love using FeedHQ because it's…


We've applied the best practices around readability to make news reading a pleasure again.


The content adapts perfectly to your mobile phone, your tablet computer and your Retina screen. Lots of great apps also support FeedHQ.


Export to Readability, Instapaper or Pocket if you need content parsing, Twitter/G+/Email if you need sharing.


Import and export your data as OPML, use the API to back it up or build amazing apps on top of FeedHQ. You can even run your own FeedHQ instance or help improving it, it's open-source!

Built for power users

You read tech blogs? We have syntax highlighting. Too lazy to use your mouse? Just learn the keyboard shortcuts!


Our business plan? No ads, tracking or data collection — only delighted, paying users. With the 7-day free trial & cancel anytime options.